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December 5, 2018
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Things to do after a House Fire

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House fire is totally devastating and disastrous. It can burn down your entire home leaving you nothing but ashes. And figuring out what to do after a house fire can be a very stressful and overwhelming process. In fact, thinking about what to do first can be confusing. And to help you out, we prepared some useful tips you can do after a house fire. Just check it down below to know more about it.


  • Find a Place to Stay – House fire is a terrifying experience, and the best thing to do after a house fire is to find a place to stay. Find a safe and comfortable place where you can relocate or stay even if it’s only for one night. Doing this will help you plan your next steps and give your family time to rest. If staying with friends or family is not available, reach out to your local disaster relief agency as they can possibly help you find or give you a temporary shelter for free.


  • Contact Your Insurance Agent – After a house fire, it would be best to contact your insurance agent to file your claim immediately. The sooner you contact your insurance carrier, the sooner you can begin repairs or search for a new home. Aside from, they can also provide help for your daily expenses which was known as loss of use funds. These are especially useful if you lost your credit or debit cards in the fire.


  • Contact the Police – After a house fire, you should contact the police to ensure your property will remain safe during your absence For additional security, you can boarder up your windows and doors.


  • Plan Your Finances – When house fire occurs, your financial responsibilities still continue. So, better check on your recurring costs like car payments. If your home won’t be available for several months, better consider canceling cable and internet services.


  • Create a List of Damaged Items – It is important to create a list of damaged items such as important documents like drivers’ licenses, birth certificates, passports, titles and deeds, medical records, tax information, and etc. so that they can be replaced immediately.


  • Check on the Safety of Your Home – House fires can weaken the structural integrity of your home. So, if you are planning to return into your home to recover items, better wait until a fire marshal has deemed the area safe. Enter your home once it’s deemed safe by the fire department and your insurance carrier.


  • Save Undamaged Possessions – If your home was deemed safe to re-enter, you can go back and save anything that wasn’t affected by the fire. It’s best to clean items after they’re removed from the house. You can try calling Professional cleaning services as they have the experience and tools necessary to restore fire-affected items.


Recovering from a house fire is not that easy, but following these tips we have provided can somewhat help you start over again after this disastrous accident. If you are looking for restoration services, you can contact Miami Restorations.


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