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December 5, 2018
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Tips to Prevent House Fires

House fire can be really devastating, as a matter of fact, they can turn down your valuable items and appliances into ashes. House fires usually occur due to neglect, misuse of the household appliance as well as malfunctioning of an electronic appliance. Here are the most common causes of
House fires:

Carelessness in the Kitchen

Pots and pans can overheat and cause a fire very easily. So, never leave whatever you are cooking unattended. Plus, always keep your stove clean as food splatter and grease can ignite fire while cooking.


Keep portable heaters away from light materials such as wood furniture, curtains, and clothes can easily catch fires. If you have a furnace and dryer, get them inspected once a year to make sure it is working to safety standards as they are one of the most common reasons for house fires.


Cigarettes can easily cause fire especially when they make contact with flammable materials such as clothes, bedsheets, furniture, curtains, mat and more. So, if you are smoking cigarettes, always ensure to put them out properly to avoid house fires.

Electrical Equipment

Faulty electrical appliance such as a toaster can start a fire easily. To avoid this from happening, always double check your appliances if they are working properly. It would be best to call an expert repairman for regular appliance maintenance.


Unattended candles are one of the reasons for most house fires. So, to avoid a fire accident, keep the candles away from any flammable items such as books, paper, curtains, and clothes. Always blow a candle out before leaving a room and keep them away from children.

Matches and Lighters

Kids can cause a fire out of curiosity, so always keep matches and lighters away from children. Ensure that flammable things and fire starters are out of their reach.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty electrical wirings can cause fires. To prevent fire disaster caused by faulty wirings, call a licensed technician to inspect your home and your electrical wirings.

Flammable Liquids

Petrol and Kerosene can easily start fires. If you have any flammable liquids in your home, keep them away from heat sources and check the label before storing. Ensure that these liquids are stored in a place away from children’s reach.

How to Prevent Fires at Home

After learning the common causes of house fires. Here are a few more things and tips to prevent fires at home.

Clean your heating system regularly

To avoid house fires, schedule a regular maintenance and cleaning service for your heating system. Keep your chimneys clean and dust other flammable items away from the ignition sources.

Do not use outlet extenders

Avoid using outlet extenders and plug-in power bars as they can quickly overload an electrical circuit.

Keep your kitchen clean and attended

Do not leave while cooking especially if you are cooking with oil as it may start a fire easily and quickly.

Ensure that cigarettes are disposed and extinguished properly

Cigarettes which are not properly extinguished can smolder undetected for days which may ignite a fire. Do not throw it away on the ground or in plant pots.

Just follow these tips to prevent fires at your home. If you needed a fire damage control services, just contact Miami Restorations. Miami FL Restorations offer mold removal Florida, water damages services, fire damage restoration Florida, and sewer clean up at an affordable price.

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